Monday, October 16, 2017

In The Pumpkin Patch

Though Saturday started out grey and gloomy it cleared up beautifully for our trip to the pumpkin patch. We discovered this sweet farm and lovely pick-your-own pumpkin patch last year. Growing up in Bethany we always went picking in the patch at Clover Nook Farm and I was so surprised when I moved to Massachusetts that a pick-your-own pumpkin patch was so hard to find. In all my years of living here I have located only two- one in Harvard and this one in Sterling (which became an instant favorite last year). With Dave's parents here for a visit we decided it would be the perfect weekend to head to the patch. The farm wasn't crowded at all, and the patch was full of gorgeous pumpkins! It made it hard to choose one each, and even Dave's parents couldn't resist choosing a few to bring back to New Jersey with them, Of course, while we were there I couldn't  help but wish that we lived in Sterling (and clearly Grace couldn't either: "Mama, I wish we lived here! It's so beautiful!"). Sterling really reminds me so much of life in Bethany. I'm glad that we get to go visit once (or twice) a year, and I'm glad that there's such a sweet farm, complete with a pick-your-own pumpkin patch fairly close by! xo 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Costume Crafting

For Halloween this year the girls decided that they wanted to be a deer and a fox. Some Googling turned up some great ideas, and while I am crafty I knew that we were going to need a true "Craft Master" to help make their vision for their costumes a reality. I called upon my friend Jennifer (who's incredible craft room you see here) to ask if she'd be up for a morning of Halloween costume crafting with us, and she quickly replied that she'd be happy to help! We were thrilled! We gathered last week so that the girls could share their vision with her. A supply list was created and plans were made to gather together the following week (today) to make their dream a reality.
We were in awe of these pieces from the moment we laid eyes on them!Truly gorgeous! 

Our sweet woodland deer and fox. 
 As soon as we saw her tail up against her dark denim jeans we knew exactly what the rest of their costumes should be. It's pretty much going to have an "if animals wore clothes" look. 
 "This is exactly what I was dreaming of!" -Emma
Her smile says it all. 
In the words of Jennifer: "These are very Tscherne costumes!" and we have to agree. Every year the costumes the girls choose are always so fitting and always so lovely (and usually nature based). These costumes definitely rate as some of our most favorite, and I'd wager a guess that they are even in the top three! Thank you, Jennifer, for all you did to make their vision a reality. Thank you for spending the morning crafting with us, thank you for knowing us so very well, and thank you for teaching the girls to make felt flowers! It was a wonderful day, and I have no doubt is one that the girls will carry with them always. xo

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Last year was the first year that we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. We did so in honor of the fact that our Caribbean cruise had been rescheduled to a Canadian cruise due to Hurricane Matthew, and had we not chosen to re-book for a different sailing we would have been in Canada on their Thanksgiving Day. We loved celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving so much that we decided we'd make this an annual thing. And really this could not be any more perfect for our family. Due to Columbus Day (a holiday that we choose not to celebrate/recognize) pretty much everyone in America already has the day off. Plus, the autumn colors are always gorgeous in October (as opposed to gone in November), and generally the weather is pretty nice (yesterdays rainy day not withstanding). Celebrating Thanksgiving and not having the craziness of Christmas right after is another major perk, too. That alone is worth moving it to October, if I do say so! 
And so, yesterday, Emma got out the ingredients for her cornbread. 

 And Grace got the necessary ingredients for her cranberry sauce. 
 And the table was simply, yet elegantly decorated. 
 And Dave, of course, needed a trip to urgent care right before our turkey was done cooking. Because apparently this is the way he rolls when a Disney vacation is on the horizon. 
 We were barely in the door and he had a knife in his hand again. Goodness,nothing phases him! 
And so, while our dinner was later than we planned (and possibly later than we have ever eaten as a family of four) we gathered around the table, gave thanks for being together (and amazing medical care) and enjoyed this meal that we all worked on together to make happen. It was absolutely the perfect way to end the day. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends! We hope you all had a wonderful, and hopefully less eventful, Thanksgiving Day! xo

Friday, October 6, 2017

In The Apple Orchard

Since it was finally on the cooler/more autumnal side Tuesday morning we decided to eat a quick breakfast and head to George Hill Orchards to do some apple picking. We had been waiting for the weather to be more seasonal so that we could go (as it just doesn't feel right to us to pick apples in anything other than cozy clothes). We arrived  and other than one small preschool group we basically had the place to ourselves! It was divine! We made our way over to the Cortland section and in no time at all the girls had filled their bags. With filled bags of apples and a bag of cider donuts we made our way back home, with plans to return some time next week to pick some more apples for the express purpose of canning applesauce! Happy autumn, friends! xo

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Getting Ready

It's that time of year again! Off they go to turn in last seasons skis and be fitted for new skis, boots and bindings for the upcoming ski season! The countdown to opening day is on! xo

Friday, September 29, 2017

Grace's Pumpkin

In which Grace turns this wool roving, 
into this pumpkin (in only two days time)! xo